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In the professional setting, Facebook can be a useful tool in simply communicating information which in turn can generate greater interest in your library as a whole.  For example, we posted on Facebook pictures of our recent Women’s History Month display and also information about an upcoming Poster Session being held at the library.  This information is shared among our followers who also may share the posts with their friends.  It is an excellent way to reach people who otherwise would not know this information because they wouldn’t normally visit the library’s webpage but do check their Facebook posts on a regular basis. post whpost

It is evident that other organizations also take advantage of this opportunity within Facebook as evidenced by informational posts made on the IU School of Informatics and Computing page.iu

LinkedIn provides a different facet to social networking.  Previously, we discussed how Facebook can help organizations promote themselves.  LinkedIn allows an individual to promote themselves and to connect with other professionals.  LinkedIn was helpful to me recently as it allowed me to view the standing of a potential speaker that we were considering bringing in.  As I looked up the person on LinkedIn, I was able to see that many other professionals from the same field of study had rated the speaker’s knowledge as being very high in one area, but not necessarily very high in the area that we needed a speaker to address.  I must admit that this did influence my opinion and I chose not to pursue bringing this individual in as a presenter. link

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